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Tim McGraw Helped Make a Dad's Dying Wish a Reality

If you have a minute, this is a powerful story.  A 37-year-old Florida man named Michael Hugo was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of brain cancer.



He's the father of two young daughters, ages six and seven . . . and in a video posted last month on Facebook, he had one special wish.  Quote, "My dream is to be with my little girls for their wedding and be there dancing with them. 



"But statistically, it's going to be tough.  [One] of my goals is to sing a duet of 'My Little Girl' with Tim McGraw and do a video [to] play at their wedding.  So if I'm not there, at least I can be part of that wonderful day."

Word got back to Tim, and he went all-in.  He shared a video of himself with the whole family, saying, "Hi guys, I'm here with the Hugo family.  I'm glad we're here together, and we're going to make this happen.  We're going to work this out."



He added this in the caption:  "Thanks to everyone who shared the video and tagged me in the comments.  [Mike] is saving the videos for his daughters' future weddings . . . what a special thing to be a part of."



Mike's wife Vanessa posted this last Saturday.  "This past week Tim McGraw flew our family to Nashville.  His team arranged for a camera crew to film Michael dancing onstage at the Opry with our daughters and with his mom.  



"They then set up a special meeting for Michael and Tim to sing 'My Little Girl' for our girls.  The footage will be compiled into a video tribute for our family to keep."



There's no doubt Mike's story hit home with Tim.  His dad, Tug McGraw, passed away from the same kind of brain cancer. 


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