The Rod Ryan Show

The Rod Ryan Show

The Rod Ryan Show is a Houston, Texas radio show broadcasting 6-10 a.m. weekdays on 94.5 The Buzz. It's the most interactive show in radio, covering...Full Bio


The Peepshow: See The Rod Ryan Show live video stream!

The Rod Ryan Show Peepshow is a live video stream from the BUZZ studio. For now, we're primarily streaming on Facebook, but we're mixing up where we go to see which is your favorite platform from time to time, so follow us on all our accounts below!

Here are all the platforms where you can follow the Rod Ryan Show Team on Social media:

The Official 94.5 The Buzz Accounts: FacebookInstagramTwitterTik TokYouTube

The Official Rod Ryan Show Accounts: FacebookInstagramTwitterTik TokYouTube

Tessa Barrera: FacebookInstagramTwitterTik Tok

Alex Middleton: FacebookInstagramTwitter

The Chile: FacebookInstagramTwitter

Listen to the station live at on iHeartRadio!

Example stream and highlights...

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