Sup Sup, My name is Rod and I host The Rod Ryan Show weekday mornings 6-10 on KTBZ Houston, and iHeartRadio World Wide. 

I was born Aug. 26th in North Tonawanda, NY, a small city now known as The Home Office between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. (Yes it's COLD!) Graduating from Buffalo State College with a degree in Broadcasting, and interning all thru college led to my first full time gig hosting 3-7pm at WEDG Buffalo in '96. I thought it could never get any better than that. Living and working on My Favorite Radio Station in my Home Town! 

New Orleans came calling and I left for a very fuzzy 8 years, 4 of which were hosting mornings. Then Houston called. The Rod Ryan Show Era at the 94.5 Buzz Started January 02, 2004, and I haven't looked back since! 

The show sucked in the beginning but I think we get better all the time, even managing to pick up a few awards here and there. The thing I am MOST PROUD of is the way we have been able to help. In our time here in Houston we have raised over $1,750,000 for various charities. This is all because of the amazing listeners we have!!! I can't thank you all enough. Now, with my 4th Co-Host, (Tessa) 4th Sports Guy, (Alex) and Chile. We will Rise 'N Grind as long as you will have us.