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10 Celebrities You'd Invite Over For Thanksgiving Dinner?

A lot of people have SOMEONE who could be on the chopping block from their Thanksgiving meal...if not this year, then in the near future. If someone just popped into your head, you'd probably be fine leaving that seat empty...but what if you could replace them with a CELEBRITY? Which one would you choose?

There's a list up at Ranker where people are voting for their favorites (and shockingly Kanye West did not make the cut). According to the vote, here are the Top 10 celebrities we'd invite over for Thanksgiving:

1. Morgan Freeman

2. Robert Downey, Jr.

3. Meryl Streep (Of course she'd be nominated for this)

4. Jimmy Fallon

5. Hugh Jackman

6. Jennifer Aniston

7. Patrick Stewart

8. Tom Hiddleston

9. Tina Fey

10. Scarlett Johansson

Others who've received lots of votes include Kristen Wiig . . . Amy Poehler . . . Neil Patrick Harris . . . Adele . . . Chris Evans . . . Bradley Cooper . . . The Rock . . . and Emma Watson.

And at the moment, Eminem has more votes than Chris Hemsworth and Samuel L. Jackson.

MASSIVE Oversite. Where is Martha Stewart??? ~ Rod

Photo: Getty Images

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