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Bruce Springsteen Defends Ticketmaster's "Dynamic Pricing"  

Ticketmaster's deplorable "dynamic pricing" system has led to some Bruce Springsteen tickets exceeding $5,000.  (!!!) And Bruce doesn't seem too bothered by that.



In an interview with "Rolling Stone", Bruce says that for the past 49 years, he's been purposely charging UNDER market value.



But this time he told his people, quote, "Hey, we're 73 years old. The guys are there. I want to do what everybody else is doing, my peers."



While he admits that ticket buying has gotten "very confusing," Bruce says, quote, "most of our tickets are totally affordable."



He adds, quote, "The ticket broker or someone is going to be taking that money. I'm going, 'Hey, why shouldn't that money go to the guys that are going to be up there sweating three hours a night for it?'"



Then he added, quote, "I know it was unpopular with some fans, but if there’s any complaints on the way out, you can have your money back."

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