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Balenciaga's New Handbag Looks Like a Trash Bag and Costs $1,800

The brand Balenciaga really wants to make "homeless chic" happen. They put out a line of destroyed sneakers back in May. Now this . . .



They're selling a handbag that looks like a TRASH BAG. And the price tag is a very reasonable $1,790.  (???)



It looks exactly like a Hefty bag you'd use in your kitchen trash. Except it's made of calfskin leather.



They debuted it on the runway in Paris back in March, but now it'll be available in stores as part of their fall line.



It cinches at the top just like a real trash bag, and it comes in four different colors: Black, white, blue, and yellow. 



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(Here's a photo, and here it is in white and yellow.)


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