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Woman's Face Burned During a Laser Facial While Technician Was Arguing....

Woman's Face Burned During a Laser Facial . . . Technician Was Arguing with Boyfriend

If we mentally check out at our job, the worst that happens is you get a few seconds of dead air. But not all jobs are like that . . .

A 42-year-old woman in Turkey sued after she went in to get a laser facial, and they accidentally BURNED her whole face.

But here's the funny part: She claims it happened when the technician got distracted . . . and started arguing with her BOYFRIEND over the phone.

She posted some before-and-after shots, and it looks like her ENTIRE face got burned. She used to have pretty clear skin, but now it looks like her whole face is covered in dark freckles.

We don't know the exact treatment she got. It could have been a laser facial mask they left on too long. Or they might have been using a wand, and just lost track of how long they'd been blasting her with it.

Either way, a judge ruled they WERE at fault, and the boyfriend argument did play a role. But the amount of money she's getting is crazy low.

They only awarded her $260. (???) And they're letting the place pay her out in 10 equal installments . . . so, $26 a month for 10 months. It sounds like she plans to appeal. 

(Here are the before-and-after shots.)

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Photo: The Chili


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