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A Cow Escaped from a Farm, Went Down a Waterslide, and Won Its Freedom

Here's the weirdest story of the day: A cow in Brazil that was set to be slaughtered escaped from a farm . . . went down a WATERSLIDE . . . and won its freedom. (???)

It happened last Saturday in a town 500 miles west of Rio. The cow wandered onto the grounds of a club that's right next door to the farm. The club has a swimming pool, with a big, curved waterslide.

The cow climbed a set of stairs to the top . . . went halfway down the slide . . . and STOPPED. It just stood there for a while, and there's video of it. (Here's thevideo.)

It happened at 8:30 in the morning, and employees at the club were just getting to work. So they found it, and their boss thought they were joking when they told him.

They ended up coaxing the cow down the slide and into the pool, and it wasn't hurt. The president of the club says he was surprised the slide didn't collapse, because the weight limit is around 450 pounds, and the cow weighs closer to 700.

The farmer says the cow was supposed to head to a slaughterhouse soon, but WON'T anymore. He's a local celebrity now, and people keep coming to see him. So he'll get to live out the rest of his days as a PET instead of as livestock.

They even named him. His name is Tobogã . . . the Portuguese word for "Slide."

(Here are some photos.)

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Photo: The Chili

Photo:ário da Região

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