IG Fanny Friday: veradijkmans AKA DUTCH🇳🇱

Hermano rod,

I think this beauty would be great for Fanny Friday. Although there’s a special place in my heart for my Latinas I came across this ravishing girl from across the pond while scrolling through Instagram. Check out Vera Dijkmans and see why she has 4.2 million followers. I’m 1 for 2 on girls you featured from me and maybe this will be 3. Thank you, Tessa, for winning me The Used tickets closest to the pin. Waiting for the month to pass to dominate on H2H. Love all you guys! 


Thanks, Omar… Finnish Strong on Fanny Friday… be listening for you on H2H!!!!! Rod

If you have or see an awesome Instagram that we should feature just send the link to rod@thebuzz.com and TELL ME WHY I SHOULD RUN IT!

Here is veradijkmans DUTCH🇳🇱 and why she has 4.3 Million followers.

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