IG Wild Card Wednesday: Sophia Peschisolido

Brother Rod – No Names. This Wild Card Wednesday submission, Sophia Peschisolido (Sophia Pesch) is one of my personal favorites.

If I know a few things about Alex P, she checks all of his requirements and could be a lock for a Top 10 on his end-of-year list too.

-Minimal Tattoos



-Smiles from time to time

-Under 400K followers

-Hates the Cowboys

-West Ham Fan

-Has a crush on Eli Manning

-Blink is her favorite band

-Big Brother Superfan

Ok, maybe the last 5 were lies.

All I have to say is, Just Run It! Thanks, DCM

Thank You… Someone thinks Alex may need to have a look! Hmmmmm Rod

If you have or see an awesome Instagram that we should feature just send a link to rod@thebuzz.com and TELL ME WHY I SHOULD RUN IT!

Here is Sophia Peschisolido and why she has 363 thousand followers.

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