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A Phone Scammer Convinced a Woman to Shave Her Head and Eyebrows

This might be the weirdest and MEANEST phone scam we've ever seen: An out-of-work model in Utah named Megan Randolph claims a scammer convinced her to shave her own HEAD . . . and her EYEBROWS too. (???)

She got a text from someone claiming to be with the haircare brand Redken. And they offered to pay her several hundred bucks to film herself doing an at-home haircut. The more hair she cut off, the more they'd pay.

Whoever sent the text knew her name, and apparently knew she was a model. But it seemed suspicious, so she and her husband looked into it first.

She says they googled the number and found something that said it WAS associated with Redken. And when they called it, they got a voicemail that seemed legit. Plus, Redken has done some videos on-at-home haircare during the pandemic.

So they decided it was a weird-but-legit offer to make some money on the side. And if she completely buzzed her head and eyebrows, they said they'd pay her several THOUSAND dollars. So she went for it.

She filmed the whole thing. And once it was done, she tried to reach back out to the same number, but it was disconnected. And that's when she realized it was a scam. She says she's speaking out to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. (Some people are skeptical though, and think she could have made it up to go viral.)

 Here are some before and after pics.)

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