Last Weekend of The RRS Kick-Ass/Boobs Rock Store Get Your Merchandise

Every year we can donate funds to M.D. Anderson that were raised through our Boobs Rock & Kick-Ass campaigns. Our goal every year is to support cancer RESEARCH through sales & donations. Thanks to everyone who has supported this great cause. Thank you to our amazing partner, BMP, for the printing and designing our merchandise and upkeep of the online store! 


Local Breast Cancer Survivor Sits Down with Tessa

Shoni Powers is a long-time listener who moved away from Houston in 2014.

She came back temporarily to undergo breast cancer treatments at MD Anderson for her second round of breast cancer.

She was originally diagnosed in 2013 at the age of 32 and purchased a “Boobs Rock” back then. Since then she has educated herself on ‘pink’ items and the importance of purchasing items that truly support research.

She was thrilled to hear the proceeds for the “Boobs Rock” campaign go straight to research and specifically MD Anderson!

Photo: The Chili

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