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Criminals: Dog the Bounty Hunter's Hot Stepdaughter Arrested in Honolulu...

Dog the Bounty Hunter's Hot Stepdaughter Arrested in Honolulu...

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A Woman Might Get 15 Years in Prison for Destroying Her Company's Database After They Fired Her

Have you ever wanted REVENGE after leaving a job you hated? Here's a great example of why it's usually not a good idea to act on it . . .

A 41-year-old woman in Tampa named Medghyne Calonge used to be the head of HR for a company called 1-800-ACCOUNTANT. (We think her first name is pronounced "Megan.")

They hired her in 2019 and fired her six months later. It sounds like there were multiple issues. For example, she once got into an argument with a coworker and got even by locking them out of the computer system.

Anyway, they fired her. But she still had access to the company database. So over the next two days, she logged in and basically DESTROYED it.

She deleted 17,000 job applications and résumés. She also left a bunch of profanity-filled messages in the system for her bosses to find.

But it backfired because they knew she did it. And it cost the company $200,000, so they pressed charges.

This month, a grand jury found her guilty of accessing and intentionally causing damage to a protected computer. She'll be sentenced in December and faces up to 15 YEARS in prison for it.

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A Criminal Jumped in a Lake, so Cops Chased Him Down in a Pedal Boat

If you're running from the cops, try not to switch to increasingly slow methods of transportation . . .

Two idiots in Canada robbed a bar on Friday and took off together on a motorcycle. But they had to ditch it after they crashed into a cop car that was chasing them. (It happened in Halifax, Nova Scotia, near Maine.)

One of them got arrested nearby, but the other guy took off on foot . . . and then decided his best chance was to SWIM to freedom.

He jumped in a small lake and tried to swim to the other side to getaway. But it turned out he isn't a strong swimmer and couldn't swim very fast.

Two cops hopped in a PEDAL BOAT they found and started chasing him across the lake. Another cop jumped in a canoe . . . and a fourth cop found a paddleboard to use.

By the time they got to him, he was struggling to keep his head up and close to drowning. So they tossed him a life vest, pulled him out, and took him to jail. No word on what they're charging him with.

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A Georgia man called police when he found suspicious butt cheek prints on one of his vehicles.


Apparently, he was suspicious of his wife and her intentions . . . he also claims someone had been accessing his phones and computers remotely.

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A man with the last name Tatman, who was wearing a Batman shirt, was arrested for "Robbin" . . . or burglary. Alan Tatman was busted last week for allegedly stealing items worth more than $500 from a Target store in Kentucky.

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