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Criminals: Man Arrested Tattooing a Child in a McDonald's Dining Room

Man Arrested Tattooing a Child in a McDonald's Dining Room

If you're doing something that's illegal for multiple reasons, maybe don't do it in the MOST public place available . . .

Some idiot in South Carolina was arrested on Tuesday after giving a tattoo to a CHILD in the middle of a McDonald's restaurant. (It happened in Laurens, South Carolina, about 50 miles from the Georgia border.)

The tattoo happened on Friday. Then someone posted a video of it, and cops got involved. It's not clear how old the kid was, but it looks like a teenager. 

The tattoo artist is 28-year-old Brandon Presha. He's facing charges for tattooing a minor, and tattooing without a license.

He's also on probation for assault and battery. Back in December, he got sentenced to three years in jail for it. But a judge suspended his sentence and gave him two years' probation.

The illegal tattoo likely violated that probation though. So he's probably going away for a while. 

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A cardiovascular surgeon at Duke University got fired after being arrested for flashing women at a Target in North Carolina.

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A Handcuffed Criminal Stole an ATV, Hit 70 MPH, and Crashed in a Mud Puddle

ATV stands for "all-terrain vehicle." Which I guess this guy forgot because he opted to stay ON-road . . .

Cops in Oklahoma City were transporting a guy named Lucas Strider to jail on Tuesday for stealing catalytic converters off people's cars. And he got away.

He managed to open a cop car door and ran into the woods. Then he found a four-wheeler and stole it.

Cops chased him as he blew through stop signs, and hit speeds of over 70 miles an hour. And he did all this while HANDCUFFED.

A local news station covered it live, and one anchor was amazed four-wheelers can even go that fast.

He eventually got to a spot where the paved road turned into a dirt road. And a cop was parked in the middle blocking him. So he tried to go around their car and crashed in a big mud puddle.

The ATV tipped, so he landed in the mud. Then he immediately just gave himself up. (Here's his mugshot. has the full video.)

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Photo: Laurens County Detention Center

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