OOF! What's the Pettiest Reason You've Ever Rejected Someone?- These Sting!

Someone asked people online for the PETTIEST reason they've rejected someone, and the highlights include . . .

1. She had the same name as my mom.

2. He held his knife like a pen.

3. She kept putting ellipses everywhere in texts.

4. She had a "Live Love Laugh" sign on her living room wall.

5. He didn't use pillowcases. He owned them but never actually put them on.

6. I didn't like all the spelling mistakes she was making.

7. He refused to eat any kind of vegetable . . . at the age of 25.

8. Every time I asked what she would like to do, it was an annoying "I don't knowwwwww."

9. I broke up with my 8th grade boyfriend right before Christmas so I wouldn't have to buy him a gift.

10. He dropped something and said "whoopsie!" 

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