Here Are the Top Gifts Dads Want for Father's Day This Year

Here Are the Top Gifts Dads Want for Father's Day This Year

If you haven't gotten your dad anything for Father's Day yet, you've still got time to get most of the stuff on this list. Someone polled a bunch of dads and asked what they want for Father's Day. Here are the top ten things dads are hoping to get . . .

1. Doing something special with the family, like a hike or going to a pool. A separate Father's Day poll ALSO found that's #1 this year.

2. A card. It actually tied for first place.

3. Clothes.

4. Something homemade. Especially dads with young kids.

5. Tools.

6. Electronics.

7. Something related to one of his hobbies.

8. A gift certificate for something fun.

9. Having the day to himself. One in nine dads want everyone to leave them alone.

10. Food, beer, wine, or liquor.

Only 3% of dads said they'd love to get flowers. 

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We'll Spend 15% Less on Father's Day Than Mother's Day, Plus Six More Stats

Sunday is Father's Day. And if you just go by how much people are spending . . . I guess we love our dad about 15% LESS than we love our mom.

The average person will spend $190 on Dad this year compared to the $219 we spent on Mother's Day last month. Here are six more Father's Day stats . . .

1. 55% of Americans will celebrate Father's Day this year in one way or another. Another 7% said maybe.

2. 52% will buy a gift . . . 40% are planning a meal or celebration . . . 19% are going out for dinner . . . 27% will do a phone call or video chat . . . and 39% will buy a card.

3. Over half of us will do something for our own dad, but he's not the only person we're celebrating. 37% will also do something for their husband or partner . . . 11% will do something for their father-in-law . . . and 7% said their grandfather.

4. The top money-related things we've asked our dad for help with are: Buying a car . . . career advice . . . budgeting . . . and buying a house.

5. Over half of us think Father's Day is a "real" holiday we should celebrate. 35% think it's just a commercial holiday we've all been pressured into, so companies can make money off it.

6. One in five dads say they've been DISAPPOINTED on Father's Day before, because their family didn't do enough.

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Father’s Day Is Sunday… Here Are The Worst Movie and TV Dads 

Father's Day is this weekend, making this a good time to check out the WORST dads in movies and TV. Here are some highlights from a list of the Top 25 . . .

1. Homer Simpson, "The Simpsons".

2. Al Bundy, "Married with Children". Played by Ed O'Neill.

3. Frank Gallagher, "Shameless". Played by William H. Macy.

4. Red Forman, "That '70s Show". Played by Kurtwood Smith.

5. Randy "The Ram" Robinson, "The Wrestler". Played by Mickey Rourke.

6. Jack Torrance, "The Shining". Played by Jack Nicholson.

7. Frank Reynolds, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Played by Danny DeVito.

8. Mr. Wormwood, "Matilda". Also Danny DeVito.

9. Tywin Lannister, "Game of Thrones". Played by Charles Dance.

10. Darth Vader, "Star Wars". Played by David Prowse in the costume, and the voice of James Earl Jones

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The "Dad Bod" Is More Popular Than Ever

Planet Fitness does this poll for Father's Day each year . . . even though it seems like it might HURT their business more than help it.

An annual survey on DAD BODS found they're more popular than ever . . . 70% of women now say it's an attractive look. And 69% of men with dad bods say they're confident about it now, up from 64% a few years ago.

80% of women think dad bods are a sign of confidence. 65% described it as a "sexy" look. And 59% would rather be with a guy who's got a little jiggle than someone who's solid muscle.

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In honor of Father's Day a search was held for the "Daddest" state based on New Balance sneakers and grilling habits. 

Turns out Iowa is the "Daddest" while Florida is the least dad state. 

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A new study ranked the best states for "working dads." 

Massachusetts is #1, followed by the District of Columbia, which isn't a state. Nevada is the WORST state for working dads . . . partially because it has the lowest median family income. 

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Dad Breaks World Record For Pushups!

A dad broke a world record by completing 1.5 million pushups in one year for charity. Here is Nate Carroll completing his 1,500,231st pushup.  

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Jimmy Fallon read a bunch of "Advice" Tweets from viewers last night.

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The 50 Best Father's Day Gifts for the Coolest Dad Around

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Your Dad Doesn't Want Help with the Grill on Father's Day

Wanna do something nice for your dad this Father's Day? DON'T offer to help him with the grill. That's his job.

A new poll found 74% of dads don't want anyone else manning the grill this Sunday. They'd rather do it themselves.

It also found Father's Day is one of the most popular holidays to barbecue. The Fourth of July is the top holiday to barbecue on, according to the poll. But Father's Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day also made the list.

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Racegoers Attend Kangaroo Island Cup Day

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