Lookin' At Girlzzz: Happy Birthday Kate Upton, Ashley Graham, Irina + More!

Happy birthday Kate Upton is 29. "Sports Illustrated" model, who married ASTROS pitcher Justin Verlander.

When Ashley Graham was feeling a little Marilyn. . .

GLO Up Queen!!

Jada Pinkett Smith had some family bonding with WILLOW and her mom on the latest episode of"Red Table Talk"

They decided to kick off their health convo with some on-air Vaginal Steaming that Jada referred to as, quote, "real queen throne action."

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A strip club in New Orleans is offering $1,000 signing bonuses because there's a "national exotic dancer shortage." 

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Carrie Underwood took home Video of the Year at the CMTs It's Carrie's 23rd award, and counting. She has the most in CMT history.

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All five SPICE GIRLS reunited toreunited to release a pride t-shirt. All proceeds go to charity.

Bebe Rexha Said Adore Me!

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She’s Also Hawking Vodka!

Big Ups to KATE HUDSON for knowing the best way to burn calories. 

(WARNING: This video contains profanity.)

TONIGHT… The series finale of"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" at 8:00 p.m. on E.

Woman Crowdfunding For Boob Reduction Wants Messages To Stop

Phoebe Rodgers has made news after posting a Go Fund Me page for a breast reduction. Blessed with an ample 34HH bra bounty, Rodgers doesn’t think her huge rack is all people make it out to be. Aside from the back pain, shoulder aches, and skin rashes, she’s also had it up to her areolas with sleazy comments men make thinking they’re being cute and flirty, and clueless comments women make about how they wish they’d been born with the same set of gifts. Her fundraising goal is $5,700, and at last check, her tally is above the $700 mark.

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A source says Marilyn Monroe was "enamored" with JFK, but didn't want to break up his marriage.

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Marie Osmond 'I lost 50lbs and have the energy to enjoy the sunshine!'

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Beach Bunny Swimwear - Runway - MBFW Swim 2012

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