The Suburb Summer Sizzler: $5000 going to the Champ!

Join in the Suburb Summer Sizzler to represent your 'burb to win the grand prize of $5000!

All greater Houston areas eligible, sign up to represent your suburb! Conroe, Galveston, Baytown, Fulsher - ALL AREAS we need to hear from you! Each morning at 8:20 we will play live on the air, a listener vs. listener match. We'll pick names/towns at random to enter a single elimination bracket style contest. During each face-off contestants will listen to guess the name and title of a song. Winner (suburb) advances in the brackets, loser (suburb) goes home. If you make it to the final four, you get $250! The grand champion gets $5000!

Thanks to Shell Federal Credit Union "You Belong Here"

Sign up on our contest page!

Next match on 8/2/21 is Hockley/Patrick vs. Rosenberg/Rob.

*Since there was no winner in Montrose vs. Alief, a random draw was made to fill the bracket and set an opponent for Kingwood.

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