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John Cena Apologized for Upsetting China, and Now Everyone's Mad at Him 

John Cena did a wonderful thing yesterday: He united the political left and right . . . AGAINST HIM.

John was promoting the new "Fast & Furious" movie, "F9", on a Taiwanese TV channel, when he said, quote, "Taiwan is the first country that can watch [F9]."

And that upset China, because they don't consider Taiwan a country . . . they consider it one of their territories. And China is a VERY important market for American movies.

In fact, U.S. studios are so worried about losing that market that they very often shape the content of their movies so that they won't offend China.

So it was probably the studio's idea to have John post an apology video on a Chinese social media site. IN CHINESE . . . which he actually knows.

He said, quote, "I made a mistake. Now I have to say one thing which is very, very, very important: I love and respect China and Chinese people. I'm very sorry for my mistakes. Sorry. Sorry. I'm really sorry.

"You have to understand that I love and respect China and Chinese people."

John may have made China happy, but he's getting slammed by both sides over here

And conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said, quote, "Taiwan is a country. Hong Kong should be free. If you are unwilling to say these things because it might hurt your bottom line, you are a pathetic coward."

(You can see more angry responses here.)

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