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Red Hot Chili Peppers Sell Their Catalog, Tease New Album

It looks like Red Hot Chili Peppers are the latest to sell their music catalog. Sources tell “Variety” that the band is selling their catalog to Hipgnosis Songs for upwards of $140-million. But so far, no official confirmation.

Meanwhile, the band is teasing some new material. Drummer Chad Smith has confirmed that the band is working on a “very exciting” new album, which would be their first new release in about five years.

"We're making a record, we're making new music and it's very exciting,” he says in a new interview. “I don't know when it's coming out, but we can't wait for people to hear it and we can't wait to perform for people, just like everybody else that really misses that experience."

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Black Keys Drop Music Video Ahead Of New Album

The Black Keys are giving fans a preview of their new covers album due May 14th, “Delta Kream.” The band has dropped a new music video for their cover of R. L. Burnside’s “Goin’ Down South.”

“We strayed a little from the original on our version with the falsetto and percussion, but we liked how it sounded in that moment,” frontman Dan Auerbach says about the song. “It’s become one of my favorites on the album.”

In the video, the band hits some cool spots around Mississippi, including the town of Como, the Chulahoma Community, the Burnside Palace, Aikei Pro’s record shop, Blues Alley in Holly Springs, The Hut in Holly Springs, and Nelson Street in Greenville. Check it out to the right.

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Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters & Brian Johnson Perform At “Vax Live”

Global Citizen will air the one-hour special "VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World,” hosted by Selena Gomez on Saturday. Well, the special taped this weekend in California and it sounds like it was a great show. 

The event, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, took place in front of a live audience of mostly vaccinated frontline workers. Pearl Jam’s EddieVedder opened the night with a band that included former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, performing Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy,” as well as covers of Steve Van Zandt’s 1984 track “I’m A Patriot" and Fugazi's “Give Me The Cure.”

“This is a feeling we have not had for quite some time," Eddie told the crowd. "This is crazy. There’s a microphone, there’s a crowd. It feels good.”

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters, who were introduced by David Letterman, wrapped the show with a six-song set, that included a special appearance by AC/DC’s Brian Johnson for a cover of their classic “Back in Black.” They also performed such Foo hits as “Everlong,” “Times Like These,” “Hero” and “Best of You.”

“I’m so thankful that you guys could be here to share that with us,” Dave Grohl told the crowd. “We ain’t out of the woods yet, but let me tell you, I am a firm believer in the idea that music should be shared with people, all right? So let’s work as hard as we can to make sure that we can do this every f**king night for the rest of our lives.”

  • “Vax Live” will air and stream May 8th at 8 pm ET on ABC, ABC News Live, CBS, YouTube, iHeartMedia broadcast radio stations and the iHeartRadio App. (It will also air on Fox at 11 pm.)

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list of "wild and random" music facts features stuff like:

Dolly Parton wrote the songs "Jolene" and "I Will Always Love You" in the same day, Childish Gambino got his rap name from a Wu-Tang name generator, and Ed Sheeran slept on Jamie Foxx's couch for six weeks before he made it big in the music business.

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Here's Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Johnny Van Zant with a cautionary tale.

 If you feel sick, even a little, get tested for COVID. He caught it after getting vaccinated.

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Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC: Rebels With A Cause

Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC: Rebels With A Cause

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