3 Things You Must See: British Royal Marine Flying Gravity Jet on the Ocean

Watch This British Royal Marine Fly His Gravity Jet Suit Over the Ocean

Are we getting closer and closer to jet suits becoming a common thing? Here's another great video of a test flight. It's a British Royal Marine flying his Gravity Jet Suit over the ocean, from one boat to another.

(Here's the clip. And here's a longer video.)

Hail Crashing Through the Roof of an Oklahoma Walmart

Baseball-sized hail caused severe damage in Norman, Oklahoma last week. It even crashed through the skylights of a Walmart, and a customer filmed it falling onto the store's floor.

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Soldier Surprises Son At School

Brian Whitfield returned to Missouri from his yearlong deployment and walked into his son's math class to surprise him. After he sat in the chair next to his son he son gave him a long and emotional embrace. During their heartwarming hug, the other students in the class got emotional too.

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A TikToker's Tips on Getting the Cheapest Airline Flights

A guy on TikTok has been racking up the hits with his advice on how to get the cheapest airline tickets while flying anywhere in the U.S. 

He walks you through five steps, which look pretty easy to follow . . . and ends up getting an incredible bargain on several airlines, including Jet Blue.

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Photo: Gravity Industries/Youtube