VIDEO: Marriage Proposal Reveals Guy Who Seemed to Confess to a Crime?

Here's one way to have your marriage proposal go viral . . . A guy proposed to his girlfriend at a park in Savannah, Georgia a few days ago. And they were filming the whole thing.

But then, right after he proposed, a random guy wandered into their camera shot . . . and confessed to a crime. As he walked by them, he was talking to himself loudly.

Quote, "I got [s***]-faced drunk and I was driving and I hit a woman, or somebody dressed like a woman. I'm not sure, I didn't stop."

The woman posted the video on TikTok and now it's going viral . . . it has more than nine million views in just a few days.

So is it real? Did this guy really confess to a hit-and-run? We're not sure . . . but people who are leaving comments on the video really seem to think this guy is telling the truth. 

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