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The Best "SNL" Music Videos of All-Time! 

"Alternative Press" has a list of the best "music videos" from "Saturday Night Live" . . . so these are PARODIES. And they did remind us of some great ones. These are the ones they listed . . .

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(Warning: Several of these videos include QUESTIONABLE LANGUAGE.)

1. "Magical Mysteries", which is a parody of Insane Clown Posse's"Miracles".

2. "Corporate Nightmare", which is a parody that sounds like Sum 41.

3. "I Love My Dog", which is a hardcore rap parody

4. "Murder Show", which is a parody of the obsession over true crime.

5. "NFTs", which is a parody of Eminem's"Without Me".

6. "Boombox", The Lonely Island with Julian Casablancas from The Strokes.

7. "On the Couch", which is a parody of a '90s sexy slow jam with The Weeknd.

8. "Tiny Horse", where farm kid Timothee Chalamet sings to a horse.

9. "(Do It On My) Twin Bed", which features host Jimmy Fallon.

10. "Slow", which features host Adam Driver and musical guest Halsey.

11. "The Negotiator", which features a hallucinating Regina King.

12. "YOLO", with host Adam Levine and musical guest Kendrick Lamar.


Photo: Getty Images

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