Criminals: A Naked Man Tried to Swim in Kendall Jenner's Pool

A Naked Man Tried to Swim in Kendall Jenner's Pool

Being rich and famous isn't always a picnic. One look at KENDALL JENNER's week is all the proof you need.

The other day she had to get a restraining order against a man who was threatening to MURDER her. And now we're finding out that on Sunday morning at 2:00 A.M., a NAKED MAN tried to swim in her pool.

He showed up at her house CLOTHED, knocked on some windows and called her name. Then he took off his clothes and headed for the pool . . . but Kendall's security cut him off. Kendall WAS home at the time, but in a "safe location."

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A woman was arrested trying to get onto DRAKE's property in Toronto. 

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A Man Rappels Down a Six-Story Building to Steal "Pokemon" Cards

If you're going to pull a "Mission: Impossible" stunt for a robbery, at least steal something worth the risk.

There's a 28-year-old guy named Kensuke Nakanishi in Tokyo. And last week, he broke into a trading card store on the top floor of a six-story building.

He climbed on the roof . . . tied a piece of rope to the railing and dropped it over the side . . . then used the rope to rappel down the side of the building about 16 feet with no safety harness . . . broke the window of the store . . . and went inside.

And he did all of that to steal . . . "Pokemon" cards. And not even the most valuable ones. He got away with about $9,100 worth of cards, plus another $2,400 in cash.

The cops caught him after they looked through some security camera footage and identified him.

He told them he stole the cards to pay off a debt and, quote, "I was in my high school's rock climbing club, so I wasn't afraid of heights." 

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A Suspect Gives the Cops a Fake Name . . . But That Person Had Warrants, So He Gets Arrested Anyway

If you're going to lie . . . um, lie better than this?

The cops in Clam Lake Township, Michigan spotted a car on the shoulder of the highway last Friday with its lights off. When they walked up to the car, they saw the guy in the front seat try to duck out of sight.

The cops asked him for his name . . . and he gave them a fake name.

But the cops didn't know it was fake, and when they ran the name, it turned out the actual person had felony warrants . . . so this guy was arrested anyway.

And when the cops searched him . . . they found he had 27 grams of meth.

When they got to jail, they took his fingerprints and figured out his REAL identity. He's facing charges for meth possession, lying to an officer during a felony, and more. 

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A Drunk Guy Took His Friend to the Hospital in the Bucket of a Front-End Loader

Someone needed to remind these idiots that ambulances exist . . .

32-year-old Jordan Evans was drinking with a friend on Friday in Lincoln, Nebraska. And the friend suffered some sort of injury and couldn't walk.

So Jordan decided to take him to the hospital himself . . . in a stolen piece of construction equipment.

He saw a front-end loader sitting at a construction site . . . loaded his friend into the bucket in front . . . jumped behind the wheel . . . and drove him ten blocks.

Some cops happened to be at the hospital and watched him pull in. He ended up blocking the ambulance bay, so paramedics couldn't get in or out. 

His blood alcohol was twice the legal limit . . . he had a bottle of liquor with him, along with some pot . . . and he was driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI. 

He's facing charges for drunk driving, drugs, and felony theft. No word yet on his friend's injuries, but it sounds like he's okay.

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Police in China busted the world's biggest video game cheating ring. 

The people were hacking games like "Call of Duty Mobile" and selling subscriptions to help other people cheat . . . and made $76 million. 

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