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Criminals: Mom Goes to Daughter's School With Boxing Glove and Fights a Kid

A Mom Goes to Her Daughter's School Wearing a Boxing Glove and Fights a Child

It's going to be hard for this woman to claim her crime wasn't premeditated.

Last Thursday, a 34-year-old woman named Edith Riddle went to her daughter's middle school in Jacksonville, Florida.

Edith had a boxing glove on her left hand. Her daughter started a fight with another girl . . . and then Edith joined in, throwing some punches while the other girl was on the ground.

The girl wound up with cuts on her knees and arms. And her parents said they wanted to press charges.

Edith was arrested and charged with child abuse with a special weapon.

She told the cops the boxing glove was superglued to her wrist so she couldn't take it off. I'm sure there's quite a back story behind THAT. 

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A Woman's Excuse for Driving 149 Miles-Per-Hour Is . . . She Thought She Was Only Doing 128

Well, this is definitely a new excuse for speeding. Not a GOOD excuse. But a new one.

A woman was pulled over on the highway in Overland Park, Kansas on Sunday going 149 miles-per-hour. That's more than TWICE the speed limit.

And her excuse was . . . she thought she was only going 128. 

I'm not sure that's MUCH better, but maybe driving 50% over the speed limit is better than driving more than 100% over?

The cops gave her a ticket . . . probably a pretty big one. 

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Photo: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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