IG Wildcard Wednesday: Houston's Niece Waidhofer

Hi Rod,  

I’m not one to usually email a radio show, but this was shared with me, and after scrolling through her pics, I think she would be a good addition to IG features. ( if not already shared and featured before). She could be a Wildcard Wednesday or Fanny Friday. She has big boobs, a tiny waist, and a nice ass. Not to mention a submission from a chick and not a dude!! 

A huge fan from the beginning. LOVE the show!! Best way to start my day! 


Thank You, Shonda… you have excellent taste in IG’s and radio Shows!  Rod

If you have or see an awesome Instagram that we should feature, just send the link to rod@thebuzz.com and TELL ME WHY I SHOULD RUN IT!

Here is Niece Waidhofer and why she has 2.9 Million followers.

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