An Astros Fan Built A Replica Astrodome For His Chickens

Yep. You read the headline right. An Astros fan built a replica of the Astrodome as a coop for his chickens.

It seemed like the only logical thing to do. "I've always missed the Astrodome," Darren Johnson said about his thought process.

Originally, his chickens lived in the appropriately named Cluckingham Palace before the flock started to grow to big for the space.

Johnson had already built the 1:55 scale Astrodome and was using it as a greenhouse for his wife. When it became apparent that Cluckingham Palace was too small for his chickens, Johnson moved them into the replica Astrodome.

Johnson shared the the photos on the Houston Astros Nation Facebook group where the photos became an instant hit with fans.

The chickens are also named after Astros players and figures. There's Julia -- named after Astros sideline reporter Julia Morales -- A.J. Hench, Chicken Correa, and a bantam chicken named for Jose Altuve. "Large and in charge, but small," Johnson joked.

There's also Yuli, named because the chicken has the same hair as the first baseman.

What's Johnson's next project? Installing a koi pond built in the style of Minute Maid Park has been discussed.

"Minute Maid Park is a lot more intricate design than the Astrodome," Johnson cautioned, "but when there's a will there's a way."

(Via MLB)

Photos: Darren Johnson