Surprising Dinah Powers with a Chris Carrabba Dashboard Confessional visit

It was a setup. I was in on it. Dinah’s boss Elliott, the guy Rod calls the Radio Wizard, orchestrated the moment to ambush her on-air with Rod Ryan. You see Dinah really liked my band. I mean, really, really from way back. It was December and I was just starting to talk to radio stations about my new song so the timing was right. It was all set up when Elliott called our common friend Jason and we came up with this plan to fly me in as a for Dinah. With me being the surprise. Instead of being on a phone call how crazy would it be to show up unannounced while she was on-air and play a song live just for her and with Houston listening in on the moment. I wasn’t even supposed to be in town for anything else, just Dinah. Only Rod and Elliott knew about the plan until Rod brought me in the studio for the moment. 
She was pretty shocked when I popped my head into the studio and asked for her. You can see it in the photo. I have the photo. I have been looking at that photo over and again since I got the call today. The call hurt. You see that day, back when I was the surprise, well, I was the one who got the present. I got to become friends with Dinah. Over the last couple months, while I have been building my body back after a bad accident Dinah and I would text or call each other often. Sometimes I was checking in on her. Sometimes she was checking in on me. She made me feel better. I tried to make her feel better. Today Elliott and I were on the phone, both of us only having just learned that Dinah has passed away. Elliott and Rod helped me find a great friend in Dinah and it felt good to have them to understand about losing her. I want to write something cheerful and rousing in her memory, and I will...soon. For now I will just say this. Dinah, I am glad I could call you my friend and I miss you. A lot.
Chris Carrabba