Texas Brewery Releases Beer Made With Buffalo Sauce

The story concerning who is responsible for inventing buffalo wings is a bit murky but most people seem to agree they were first served up at Anchor Bar, where Teressa Bellissimo (the co-owner of the restaurant in the city they take their name from) deep-fried a once-neglected part of the chicken before tossing them in hot sauce to cure the late-night cravings of her presumably drunk son and some of his college buddies.

While others have taken credit for their creation, there’s no debate when it comes to who’s behind the sauce that has basically become the industry standard, as Bellissimo turned to Frank’s Red Hot when she pulled an Emeril Lagasse to kick things up a notch after dreaming up her creation.

The company behind the sauce has long-relied on a marketing campaign that claims you can “put that s--t on everything,” and as someone who has thrown a few dashes on countless foods over the years, it’s hard to argue that’s not the case. Now, a brewery in Texas has decided to take things one step forward by putting that into a new brew dubbed “Buffalo Wangz” that made its grand debut on Tuesday.

Photo: Martin House Brewing Company

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