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Tessa's "Cool Stories" - A PARANORMAL Blog Page

Today I opened up about a ONE of the MANY paranormal experiences I have had...

The guys refused to believe me (typical) but if you ARE a believer, you know this stuff is just too REAL to ignore.

People started to email me about their own encounters and here are some that made me quiver:



I know it sounds crazy but I had an imaginary friend when I was little and I played ball with them. I was too young to be able to roll a ball with so much force that it would bounce back. IT totally would roll back to me. He told me not to talk to my mom because she was pregnant and Boom My Mom went to the doc and turned out Pregnant!

My dad didn't believe it so they called someone to check the foundation and it was level AF. 

I cant lie man!

THIS NEXT ONE COMES WITH AN EXTRA FREAKY PICTURE (no not that kind of picture Chile):

Good Morning Brother Rod, Tessa,Alex and Chile.

We took a trip to Corpus about 8 years ago and visited the USS Lexington. My son took this pic with his phone. He swears there is a figure standing in the closet. I do believe in ghosts but this one is pretty interesting. It the ghost there or not. You be the judge.

Listen to y’all on the daily ride into work and until 10 when I can. Y’all Rock. Thanks for keeping my day interesting and fun.


This next one I wholeheartedly believe!

Listener Kelly wrote:

I have a ghost stuck in my bedroom. They built my house in 2002 and the ghost is from way before that. I can describe him to you. There is also a ghost in the tree by the Alamo he was a sniper. My daughter has seen him. 

She is now 20 and still sees them she hates it when they invade her dreams and show her how they died. When she was little I told her don't listen to people who tell you your not supposed to see or hear them they are there.

Military Ghosts are a total thing and San Antonio does actual haunted ghosts tours...YOU GUYS...THE ALAMO IS BASICALLY A CEMETARY!!!!

CLICK HERE if you want to read about the 15 most haunted places in San Antonio.

Ok, so BACK TO ME!!!

There are a couple of notoriously haunted places in Corpus Christi; but my high school W.B. Ray (go Texans) was one of them. There is some backstory here so bear with me. Let's start with this newspaper clipping below:

Photo source: Corpus Christi Caller Times

The Ray gym is huge and if you looked up there was a narrow catwalk where students could throw down streamers, balloons, confetti during pep rallies.

Anyway, this kid lost his footing and fell to his death IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY!!!!!!!!!

Fast forward to me in high school. My mom worked for the city as a 9-1-1 dispatcher and she debated on telling me this story several times BUT of course my nosey ass wouldn't let it go.

She said on a regular basis the security guards at Ray would call 9-1-1 reporting that someone was walking the hall ways. They said they would hear laughing or kids running. My mom said to humor them they would send an officer but they of course can't arrests ghosts.



This first one is for Rod cuz of the drums:

This second one is for Alex.... because I imagine this is how he would act a a ghost!!!

Chile, this one is for you because it's in Spanish and it's what I will do to you if you ever beat me at Read My Lips again:)

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