Music: Graphic Designer Says He, Not Kurt Cobain, Created Smiley Face Logo

Graphic Designer Says He, Not Kurt Cobain, Created Smiley Face Logo

Nirvana’s battle with Marc Jacobs over the band’s smiley face design just got more complicated. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have been in a legal battle with the designer since 2018, alleging Jacobs stole their iconic happy face design for his “Bootleg Redux Grunge” line. Nirvana has insisted that Kurt Cobain created the design, and the band has a valid copyright for it, while Jacobs insists that while Cobain’s smiley face inspired the design, Jacobs reinterpreted it using his initials in the face.

Well, now freelance graphic artist Robert Fisher has filed a motion in the case insisting he was the one who actually created the smiley face logo. He is asking to intervene in the litigation, and insists he’s the creator and owner of the copyright design. 

He says he was an art director at Geffen when the band signed with the label, and he collaborated with the band and Cobain on the cover of “Nevermind,” and then continued to work with them, “for almost all of its graphic design needs.” He says in 1991 he got a request to design a T-shirt for the band and came up with the iconic smiley face logo. He says he wasn’t aware that the band had copyrighted the design and claimed they created it.

The attorney for Nirvana LLC says Fisher’s claims are “factually and legally baseless,” and they plan to challenge it “vigorously.”

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A 20th-anniversary reissue of LINKIN PARK's debut album, "Hybrid Theory", will be made available on October 9

Watch LINKIN PARK's MIKE SHINODA Unbox 'Hybrid Theory' Super Deluxe Box Set. The limited-edition super deluxe box set will consist of five CDs, three DVDs, three vinyl records, an 80-page illustrated book featuring previously unseen photos, a replica tour laminate and a poster of late frontman Chester Bennington, and three lithographs of new art by Mike ShinodaJoe Hahn and "Hybrid Theory" art director and reissue art director Frank Maddocks. The vinyl box set will feature "Hybrid Theory""Reanimation" and "B-side Rarities" on vinyl.

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Lenny Kravitz says he discovered weed and LED ZEPPELIN at the same time. 

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Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus Watches Blink 182 Doc For The First Time

Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus watched a documentary about his band for the first time and he let fans watch him taking it in. The documentary was recorded in 2003 for MTV to promote their self-titled album and he let cameras run as he watched it for a recent Twitch livestream.

“I didn't know about it," he says of th doc, "so I'm going to watch it today and I'm going to tell you what's right and what's wrong about it and memories." He adds, “We're going to have a great time.” 

Mark seemed to enjoy watching the old doc, and wound up pausing the video a few times in order to share some stories with those tuning in. Check it out to the right

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Elton John is pushing his U.S. tour dates back to 2022, but he says he's "healthier than ever." 

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Thom Yorke from RADIOHEAD is a newlywed, too. 

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There's a MOTORHEAD scented candle on the way. Not surprisingly, it smells like whiskey and oak. 

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Hall & Oates Celebrate One Billion Streams . . . of That "Ooh Ooh" Song

HALL & OATES have a lot of hits, but they're celebrating one BILLION streams of one of their more random songs: "You Make My Dreams". It wasn't even initially planned as a single.

John Oates says, quote, "It's amazing, right? What really gets me about this is when the song was released in 1981, it wasn't a massive #1 hit . . . we couldn't have predicted the impact it would have.

"It's become this anthemic feel-good thing. A lot of it started with its use in the movie '500 Days of Summer'. From there on, it took on this life of its own." 

(You can revisit the silly video for the song, below.)

Great Clip From: Delaina Horton

I can’t recall ever emailing into the show but this kid is nothing short of impressive!

He is legit a “one man band”!

I don’t know him but came across his Tik tok and was blown away!

Hope this makes your day as it has mine!

Take care and have an awesome day!


Delaina Horton

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain