Dinah Calls Into The Rod Ryan Show With Cancer Update

Friday’s Entire Show Pod Cast… Dinah’s Celebration Of Life

Updated, November 19, 2020, from Rod.

It is with unimaginable sadness that I announce the passing of our friend, coworker and my former co-host Dinah Powers. She was one of a kind and we are all richer for having known her. Listen Friday Morning as we will celebrate her life. Some of our best memories with her are being collected here https://ihr.fm/3kLFaBO



Today was a Great Morning for all of us on the show as we heard Dinah’s voice for the first time since her Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis.

Make sure you listen to the POD cast as Dinah gives us all an update Wednesday Morning (10-07-2020) and delivers a very heartfelt thank you to all of you for your well wishes, prayers, and generous donations. It’s longer than your normal interview heard on the show but we highly recommend you listen to the whole thing. She even tells a great story at the end about Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba reaching out to her!!! I was so happy she called in, and were all able to hear her voice. Love You Dinah! ~ Rod





You can contribute to the Go Fund Me HERE





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Update #2

Here is Dinah’s last post on her IG

Our Friend Dinah Needs Our Help!

There is no easy way to get into this, so here goes. I found out two days ago that Dinah was diagnosed weeks ago with STAGE FOUR Uterine Cancer. It traveled up through her abdomen and into her lungs. Dinah spent 32 days in the hospital (most of August) and is home now, awaiting more treatment.

Today she is home with Barney and her brother John, who has moved down here to care for her. I spoke to John on Tuesday and he thought they were going to lose her 3 weeks ago, but she fought like hell and is doing better, even breathing on her own now and walking a few steps each day rehabbing.

Dinah currently has no health insurance and will need at least 4 chemo treatments before the end of the year that cost approximately $20,000 each!

Jessica (yes, our Jessica) has swooped in like an angel and set up a Go Fund Me page to try to ease the financial burden ahead so Dinah can focus on one thing... Kicking This Cancers Ass!

Please check out the link below... Donate if you can, and please SHARE the information to get as many eyes on it as possible. Sharing the link is worth so much to us right now.

I know you all will have tons of questions and want updates and I have asked John to keep me posted on her progress... he totally understands and promises to do his best. I told him how much Houston loves his little sister! All of this completely came out of No Where. Dinah was walking around like you and I just 2 months ago.  Everyone, myself included is overwhelmed! 

Needing Prayers, Well Wishes, and Positive Vibes Too!

Love You Dinah... Give Em Hell!!!