Just Don't ---Things Said Or Done That Kill The Mood During Sex

Folks are sharing some of the things partners have said or done to kill the mood during sex, and it may just leave you shaking your head.

Setting the right mood can go a long way towards whether you and your partner are feeling it in the bedroom when you’re getting intimate, and nobody ever wants to ruin that mood and kill their sexy time.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question “What is the strangest thing a partner has said or done during sex that instantly killed the mood?" As you can imagine, folks were more than happy to chime in.

Things that killed the mood include:

  • "Without a trace of irony in his voice, he said, 'Keep making the mac 'n' cheese sound.' Bro what?"
  • "She asked, 'How do you last so long? Do you think of your grandma?' while I was inside of her."
  • "I was talking dirty to my wife and I called her vagina...a vagina. Something like, 'I’m going to stick it in your vagina.' She burst out laughing."
  • “Someone once said, 'Can we stop here? I gotta go take a sh*t.'”
  • “Someone said, 'Oh, Andy!' My name is NOT Andy."
  • "A young lady once barked during sex. Not a playful joking bark, but a creepy, grunting growly bark, like a dog tearing up a toy."
  • "Someone said, 'It's really sexy how you can do all these different voices, but it also reminds me of a ride at Disneyland.'"
  • "'Someone told me, 'First, let's pray.'"
  • "She asked, 'Are you thinking about how much I look like Michael Cera?' She did look like Michael Cera." 


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