DISTURBING: Beachcomber Finds Wrapped Brain At The Beach & Other Weird News

A Wisconsin man is puzzled after making a strange discovery while combing a local beach.

Jimmy Senda was searching Racine's Samuel Myers Park Beach for random items when he found something wrapped in aluminum foil on the ground. Senda opened the package and discovered an entire brain inside.

Along with the brain was some Chinese money and flowers. Police have sent the brain to the county medical examiner's office, but they don't believe that it is human. Senda says a brain was the last thing he expected to find by the water.



Millions Of Dead Birds Are Dropping Out Of The Sky In Mexico

  • Millions of birds are apparently dropping dead in New Mexico
  • A large number of migratory birds are falling out of the sky 
  • Biologists believe the wildfires may have something to do with it
  • There have also been sightings of dead birds in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas

AAAAAAND Since Things Come in Threes ....

A Dude Used a Snake as a Facemask... YEP!

The commuter and his reptilian mask, which was wrapped around his neck and mouth, was seen on a bus in Manchester, England. Officials confirmed that a snake was not a valid face covering. Using a face covering on public transport is mandatory, except for children under the age of 11 or those who are exempt for any health or disability reasons. However, this grown man simply used what he thought would be good enough to cover his mouth. Witnesses on the bus say that people didn't even flinch when they saw him and his snake. 

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State Meat Inspection Facility

State Meat Inspection Facility

Photo Source: Getty Images