Chick-fil-A Testing Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich

For as many delicious fast food offerings as we see on menus every day, there is a whole world of even more food that brands are testing on a regional level that the public at large may never get to try. Today's entry in that scrumptious category is from Chick-fil-A, which has a cheesy, sweet, and crispy sandwich we must demand come to a store near us immediately.

The brand announced that it was testing a new Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich, a particularly over-the-top spin on its classic chicken sandwich. It's made by drizzling a Chick-fil-A Filet with honey, and then topping it with Southern-style pimento cheese and mild pickled jalapeños. All of this deliciousness is served on a toasted bun, of course.

The new sandwich—which was created with the attributes "savory, salty, sweet, and melty" in mind, according to Chef Stuart Tracy, one of Chick-fil-A’s senior culinary developers—apparently won in a landslide compared to other items Chick-fil-A was thinking of sending out for a test. With that in mind, you know it has to be pretty great. You really can't go wrong with cheese and fried chicken—it's just common sense.

Unfortunately, unless you live in the Upstate South Carolina or Asheville, NC, area, you won't be seeing this on your local menu.

Photo: Getty Images