Food: Including Spicy McNuggs, and Spicy Chicken Whataburger?

Spicy Chicken McNuggets Debut at McDonald's Today

McDonald's is officially launching its Spicy McNuggets today, and they're offering a buy one, get one free on the six-piece. 

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They're calling it "spicesurance," and posted a weird 40-minute video where a guy reads the entire terms and conditions.

Our Insider Tells Us… Spicy Chicken Whataburger Coming Soon!

Please no name

I’m at my second job

I just found out that we’re About to start serving some amazing spicy chicken sandwiches at Whataburger. It starts at the 28th

Happy National Guacamole Day!

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A Mountain Dew Margarita Is Coming to Red Lobster

Mountain Dew was originally invented in the 1940s just to be a mixer for alcoholic drinks. So this is a real "come full circle" moment for it.

Red Lobster just announced they're adding a MOUNTAIN DEW MARGARITA to their menu. It's called the Dew-garita.

From the picture, it looks just as bright green as you'd expect, and there's some red salt on the rim. It should hit Red Lobsters starting this month. 

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Miller Lite Has Created a New Beer Can That's Also a TV Antenna

If you got rid of your cable but now you're realizing just having Netflix isn't going to work for football season . . . well here's a convoluted marketing stunt to help you!

Miller Lite just created the "Cantenna" . . . which is a can of Miller Lite with a digital TV antenna built in. So you can plug it into your TV and get networks like CBS, FOX, and NBC to watch games.

If you want one, you can go to Miller Lite's website and enter your email for a chance to win one now through October 12th. 

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The 101 Best Pizzas In America Are...

Pizza is a staple of American appetites and it’s welcome in almost any setting and loved by all ages. Since there seems to be a pizzeria on every corner of every town and US city it’s difficult to pick the best of the best, but “The Daily Meal” does it every year. For the fourth straight year, the big winner is Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut. In fact, the Nutmeg state, as small as it is, snagged six spots on the list – though New Yorkers will surely cheer about the fact that they scored 21 of the coveted slots. Here are some of the standouts (and a little about what makes them special:

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The famous bar Coyote Ugly in New York City has shut down after 28 years. 

The owner says, quote, "After sitting closed for six months . . . we simply can't afford to pay rent."

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McDonald's Introduces New McNuggets

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