Alex's Tuesday Big Brother Recap

On last night's episode of Big Brother we got to see our first real power shift of the season and while it may seem like it'll just be a temporary power shift I think it's definitely going to make for a more interesting game going forward. We saw two nominees come down and then almost saw both nominees be replaced on the block by people in the majority alliance.

We'll start with David making his first actual Big Brother game move in the two seasons he's been on the show so far. He activated his "disruptor power" which let him anonymously take himself off the block. I say anonymously only because Big Brother didn't actually tell the other houseguests it was him that took himself down. David tried way too hard to make it look like someone else used the power to save him and even cried at the ceremony where he came down. Most of the house saw right through it and didn't believe his act. I also think that just about everyone in the house knew that the only person that would pull David off the block was himself. Dani replaced David on the block with Tyler and then we got to see her go back and forth with herself and her alliance members about whether or not it was a good idea to backdoor Tyler this week or not.

We then got to see what I thought was a pretty fun veto competition in the "Microbrews" comp. The houseguests had to use big tweezers to try and stack nine little mini bottles of beer in a pyramid without them falling over. Kevin was almost able to pull off the win and pull himself off the block but he knocked his pyramid over right before he could finish it and that allowed Da'Vonne to come from behind and win her first EVER Big Brother competition (not exactly something you'd expect to say in an All Stars season). Then the episode focused on whether or not Da'Vonne would actually use the Power of Veto or if she would listen to Dani and cower down to the majority alliance and not use it. Ultimately Da'Vonne elected to use the veto to take down Kevin and Dani replaced him on the block with Ian. I agree with Da'Vonne's decision to use the veto because I think Kevin is more likely to have her back later but I do think Dani is a stronger player than Kevin and by using the veto after Dani asked her not to, I think Da'Vonne is basically declaring war.

We'll have an extra day between last night's veto episode and tomorrow's eviction episode (thanks to the country music awards on CBS tonight) but either Tyler or Ian are going home this week. You can hear my full recap of last night's episode on my Big Brother podcast, "Pass The Gravy Bro" in the link below.

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