Criminals: Store Owner Catches a Guy Pooping and Makes Him Clean It Up

Store Owner Catches a Guy Pooping By Dumpster . . . and Makes Him Clean It Up

A jogger in New Zealand needed to poop, so he squatted down next to a dumpster behind a store. But the store's owner came out and caught him in the act, and then made him clean up the mess with his BARE HANDS. The store's security cam filmed the whole thing.

(CAREFUL: There are profanities in the video.)

A Guy Stole a Stripper Pole After Using His Membership Card at an Adult Store

Here's a shout-out to anyone who buys enough stuff at an ADULT STORE that you join their frequent shopper membership program.

There's a guy in Tukwila, Washington who's a member of the rewards program at an adult store called Lovers.

We know this because he went to the store last week . . . used his membership card to buy something . . . then stole a STRIPPER POLE and took off.

The cops tweeted, quote, "We know who you are via your store membership card and license plate. Please be sure to check your mail for your court date."

We also decided to look into what kind of membership program the store has, you know, for research purposes. The program is called "Pleasure Points" and you wind up getting $5 off merchandise for every $100 you spend.

You also gain access to something called Tantalizing Tuesdays, where you get 20% off and quadruple points on the first Tuesday of the month. 

A Drunk Woman Crashed Her Pickup After Picking Up a Drunk Friend Who'd Crashed His Pickup

At least it's easy to figure out why these two people are friends.

There's a 38-year-old guy named Frederick Turner, and he was driving drunk in his pickup truck in Coweta County, Georgia last week when he CRASHED and flipped over.

So his 22-year-old friend Jesse Walker came to get him. But she was also driving drunk in HER pickup truck . . . and she crashed it into a ditch during the rescue mission.

The cops found both of them in Jesse's pickup with a cooler of cold Michelob Ultras Frederick had brought with him when Jesse picked him up.

They were both arrested for drunk driving. 

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