3 Things You Must See: Video of a Woman Spilling Wine on Herself Goes Viral

This Video of a Woman Spilling Wine on Herself Has Gone Viral

A four-second video of a woman in England spilling wine all over her face has gone viral.She's lying on the couch filming herself messing with an Instagram filter that tells her what cheese she would be.

And then she loses her grip on the glass and when she tries to catch it she sends wine everywhere.The look on her face says it all.

Watch the Belgian Health Minister Pick Her Nose on Live TV

The Belgian Minister of Health is Maggie De Block, and she was at home doing a video conference that was airing live on TV.And she must have spaced out for a bit because she had a nose-picking session that went on for way too long.

Kid Reluctantly Plays The Piano, Amazes Everyone

Amazing things can happen just about anywhere...like in an airport. Meet Christian Blandford...he's amazing! F


The "first photo challenge" is trending on Instagram, where people share the first photo of them and their significant other.

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