Coach Fired After Dropping F-Bombs After Winning State Championship

A High School Baseball Coach Dropped F-Bombs Talking to the Team After Winning the State Championship . . . and Was Fired

A guy named Kenne Brown was the baseball coach at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida. And last June, his team won the state championship for the first time in three decades.

Kenne gave an excited speech to his team on the bus afterwards, where he dropped a LOT of F-bombs. He also referenced how the team's starting pitcher won the game with "type one [effing] diabetes," which got a big cheer.

Someone took a video of the speech, and the school found out about it earlier this month. And they FIRED Kenne for swearing and for revealing a student's medical condition.

Was that an overreaction? According to the students, parents, alumni, and basically everyone else who's found out about the situation . . . yes.

More than 17,000 people signed a petition online to have him reinstated. And yesterday afternoon, the principal decided to give him his job back.

Quote, "I have made the decision to reinstate Coach Kenne Brown to his position . . . [he] has been directed to model his behavior in line with the high standards of Seminole County Public Schools." 

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