Music: Robert Smith Promises New Cure Album In 2020

Robert Smith Promises New Cure Album In 2020

Fans of The Cure can expect new music soon. While accepting an NME Award on Wednesday night, Robert Smith revealed that the band is finishing up a new album, which they’re planning on releasing this year.

“[The album] will definitely be out soon, we’re wrapping it up now and it’s going to be mixed,” Smith said. “But until it’s completed, no one will believe me… I look forward to it coming out more than anyone else, trust me!”

Smith has joked about new releases in the past – but this time he sounded serious. In fact, he says there are two releases incoming, the first of which will be dropped sometime in 2020. The new album will be The Cure’s first since 2008.

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BRENT SMITH Hopes To Have New SHINEDOWN Album Released By June 2021

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One day after they teased us with a sample, they've released Billie Eilish's theme to the next James Bond movie, "No Time to Die." It hits theaters in April.

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You Can Only Listen to Pearl Jam's New Song If You Point Your Phone at the Moon 

PEARL JAM released a new song yesterday, but you can only hear it if you point your phone at the moon. (???)

The track is called "Superblood Wolfmoon", fittingly enough. And if you want to listen to it, you have to download a special app from the band. Then you open it on your phone, point your camera at the moon, and ROCK OUT. Theoretically.

In addition to the song, you also get onscreen animations dancing around the moon. So you'll have that going for you. (???)

This is the second song off the band's upcoming album "Gigaton" . . . and it'll be online next Wednesday if you don't feel like downloading the app.

(I don't wanna undercut the band or anything, but you can find clips of the song on YouTube if you really want a taste now.)

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New Music Today…

You've seen Brian Posehn in shows like "The Big Bang Theory". He's been in movies, and does stand-up comedy. He just released his new album today, and it's NOT your typical comedy album. In fact, it's a heavy metal album, filled with guys from Anthrax, Slipknot, Fall Out Boy, Soundgarden, Weird Al, and more. Here he is with his rock buddies, doing a metal version of A'ha's, "Take On Me." (The album is called "Grandpa Metal")

"And It's Still Alright", the new solo album from Nathaniel Rateliff.

"The Slow Rush", Tame Impala. This is their fourth album.

"New Empire, Volume. 1", rap rockers the Hollywood Undead. It's their sixth album. Benji Madden of Good Charlotte is on a track called "Second Chances".

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