3 Things You Must See: Astronaut Reunites With Dog After A Year In Space

Astronaut Christina Koch Reunites With Her Dog After A Year In Space

(HANKIE ALERT!) Watch as astronaut Christina Koch sees her doggo for the first time in a year...we defy you not to get gooey. Her welcome is out of this world!

Photo of a Dog Is an Optical Illusion That's Making People Crazy

There's a photo of a perfectly normal dog that's going viral right now . . . because of an optical illusion that's making people think they're looking at anything BUT a perfectly normal dog.

When you see the photo, you know you're looking at an animal . . . but you aren't sure what it is. A baby goat? A white, hairy pig? A Chupacabra?

But it's all an optical illusion. The dog's ear looks like a mouth, and its mouth and nose look like an ear. So if you rotate the photo, you can see it's just a dog lying on a bed looking up.

Still, it's a GOOD optical illusion. Even after I'd seen what the dog actually looks like, my mind would go back and forth between "unidentifiable creature" and "dog." 

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A Video of Someone Taking a Bath in a Wendy's Sink Went Viral . . . and Everyone Involved Has Been Fired

The more videos like this I see, the harder it gets for me to pretend that all the fast food I've ever eaten was prepared in a clean, sanitary way.

(Warning! The video has an S-word five seconds in.) Someone posted a video on TikTok on Tuesday from a Wendy's in Greenville, Michigan that showed a guy taking a bubble bath in the kitchen SINK.

He says it feels like a hot tub as all of the other workers are laughing.

After the video started going viral, the company that owns that Wendy's franchise found out.

And they say they FIRED everyone who was working at the time and, quote, "The restaurant was completely sanitized." 

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(If this sounds familiar, it might be because the SAME THING happened at a Wendy's in Florida last year.)


A Gecko Drowns in Beer, and a Guy Saves It With Mouth-to-Mouth

Some guy at a bar in Australia went out for a smoke, and when he came back there was a gecko floating in his beer. So he rescued it by doing CPR while one of his mates filmed the whole thing. The clip starts with the gecko on the bar looking lifeless. 

The man gives it chest compressions, and then mouth-to-mouth . . . and before you know it, the little guy is crawling up his arm.

(Warning: F-bombs at 0:17, 0:31, and 0:37.)

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