Lookin' At Girlzz: Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Smoking Figure 😍

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her incredible figure in Versace-inspired bikini

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ANNA FARIS is OFF The Market. 

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Today is Galentine's Day, when girlfriends are supposed to hang without the guys around.

 It's a holiday Amy Poehler made up on the show "Parks and Recreation."  Here's the scene that started it.

Happy Birthday Mena Suvari is 41. 

Heather in the"American Pie"movies, Kevin Spacey's downfall in"American Beauty", and star of the short-lived sitcom"American Woman".

A study found the average woman in a committed relationship takes 13 minutes and 28 seconds to climax. 

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MARIE OSMOND wanted to find out if blondes have more fun.

Kourtney Kardashian shows off her toned body in eye-popping canary yellow bikini

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TLC star JAZZ JENNINGS is showing off her bikini body after her third gender reassignment surgery.