Criminals: Woman Intentionally POOPED in Cop Car To Hide Drugs Sentenced

A Woman Who Pooped in a Cop Car to Hide Her Drugs and Valentine's Day Card Gets Prison Time

I can't believe it's been two long years since this true hero of Valentine's Day emerged . . . so it's GREAT to hear about her again.

Back on February 21st, 2018, a 32-year-old woman named Shannen Martin was busted for shoplifting at a grocery store in Corsicana, Texas.

And she intentionally POOPED in the back of the cop car . . . so she'd have a place to hide her crack, her crack pipe, and a Valentine's Day card.

A cop wound up sifting through that "present" in the backseat and found all the drugs AND the card. It's not clear, by the way, if it was a Valentine's card she'd shoplifted even though it was a week after the holiday, or one she'd gotten as a gift.

Shannen wound up pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. She got probation last year.

But her probation was revoked in September when she kept violating the agreement . . . and now, she's been sentenced to three years in prison. 

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A woman in Colorado was fined for luring deer into her house and then feeding them stuff like bread, carrots, apples, and bananas. 

She posted clips of herself doing it, and that's how she got caught. 

Here's a video of her feeding them.

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A scam artist catfished an 80-year-old man in Oregon and got him to spend $200,000 on a giant lion statue in China. 

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A driver in Washington state was busted for using a giant stuffed dinosaur as a passenger to drive in the carpool lane.

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The newest ransomware virus encrypts all of your files and demands nude photos to recover them. 

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Did This Coronavirus Prank Go Too Far?

The COVID-19 outbreak is serious, which makes it ripe for an idiotic prank. Some teenagers in New York dressed up in hazmat suits with gloves and masks, and rode the subway while holding a plastic container with a mysterious liquid inside. 

To complete the prank, the container had WARNING stickers on it. The liquid was Kool-Aid, but they didn't tell anyone. When the time was right they spilled it on the floor . . . and after people freaked out they yelled "It's a prank. It's a prank."

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(Warning: This is loaded with profanities.)

A Guy Gets a Drunk Driving Charge Dismissed by Writing and Performing an Original Song

I guess there's less of a difference between"American Idol"judges and actual judges than we thought.

An 18-year-old guy named Alexander Grant from North Dunedin, New Zealand was pulled over back in August for driving drunk. His blood-alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit.

Well, Alexander is a musician. And after he completed a rehab and education program, the judge delayed his sentencing . . . because Alexander proposed writing a SONG about what he'd learned.

He created a song called"Choices", and when he played it in court this week, it was good enough . . . and heartfelt enough . . . that the prosecutor and judge both decided the charges should be dismissed.

The judge said, quote, "I'm not minimizing drunk driving" . . . but the song made it clear it was, quote, "a one-off error in judgment . . . and you have learned your lesson [and] exceeded my expectations." 

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