3 Things You Must See: A Building Collapses Just as a Fire Truck Drives By

A Building Collapses Just as a Fire Truck Drives By

This happened yesterday in Washington D.C. A home security cam filmed a building across the street collapsing just seconds after two people had walked by . . . and just AS a fire truck came down the street. 

The truck stopped immediately to check things out. One person was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening. The building was being renovated, which is why it wasn't stable.

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Have You Seen the Teacher They're Calling "TikTok Famous?"

A Kentucky middle school teacher named Craig Smith has gone viral because of his dance moves. He recorded videos of himself dancing in his classroom, and posted them on TikTok. They did so well the students dubbed him "TikTok Famous."

Check Him Out HERE

Adorable Baby Says "Wassup?"

It all sounds like adorable baby babble...until :39...when mommy gives a shout out to "all the babies out there" and her little angel agrees.

Bonus  Funny if you have seen the Movie!

"Marriage Story," But It's Mickey Mouse and Goofy

 (PG-13 language) Take a searing scene from "Marriage Story" and replace the voices of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver with Mickey and Goofy...this is was you get.

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