3 Things You Must See: Baby Yoda Playing With The Radio is the Best Thing

Baby Yoda Playing With The Radio is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

"Baby Yoda Radio - Drowning Pool - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Baby Yoda - Bohemian Rhapsody

Baby Yoda - Top Notch

This Christmas Commercial May Make You Cry

This is from 2016, but it's everywhere again. It's a three-minute Christmas commercial for an eBay-type company from Poland called Allegro. It features an elderly man who orders an "English for Beginners" kit online, and then practices constantly.

He makes notes, listens to tapes, and studies everywhere he goes. Then he takes a flight to England to visit the home of a couple and their little daughter. As soon as the girl sees him, he greets her with, "Hi, I am your grandpa."

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Guess Who Won The Kids' Christmas Sweater Contest?

The kid who has an ACTUAL Santa coming out of a chimney! Plus, it's animatronic!


A Dog Disrupts a Bicycle Race in Belgium

A dog got loose in the middle of a bicycle race in Belgium on Sunday. It chased several cyclists and caused some chaos. One competitor had to stop to avoid hitting it. The dog was eventually escorted off the course, and no one was injured.