Movies: Amazing Deep Fake Video of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER as Dirty Harry

Check out an amazing deep fake video of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER as Dirty Harry. 

Netflix Says 26 Million People Have Watched "The Irishman" 

It's possible that more "serious" directors will start dealing directly with streaming services, because Netflix says that 26.4 MILLION people watched the latest Martin Scorsese mob movie"The Irishman"in its first week alone.

That means about 16% of all Netflix's global accounts watched it in the week following its release on November 27th. And that number is expected to jump to 40 million households within its first month.

Of course, no one checks these numbers . . . we just have to take their word for it.

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JACK BLACK was asked to name his favorite holiday movie, and he said"Elf". . . forgetting that HE was actually in a holiday movie, 2006's"The Holiday"

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JOHN BOYEGA didn't really like "The Last Jedi", either. 

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ARCHIE YATES from "JoJo Rabbit" will star in the Disney+ remake of"Home Alone". It won't actually be called"Home Alone". It doesn't have a title yet. 

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The 10 Worst Movies of the Decade 

The"Hollywood Reporter"has a list of the worst movies of the DECADE . . . and it includes FIVE movies starringADAM SANDLER, who might get an Oscar nomination this year for his new movie"Uncut Gems".

Here are the ones they came up with, in alphabetical order:

1. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"(2012)

2. The collective work of Adam Sandler. . . They specifically call out these five: "Just Go with It" (2011),"Jack and Jill"(2011),"That's My Boy" (2012),"The Cobbler" (2014), and"Pixels"(2015).

3. "Cowboys and Aliens"(2011)

4. "The Emoji Movie"(2017)

5. The"Fifty Shades"trilogy . . ."Fifty Shades of Grey"(2015),"Fifty Shades Darker"(2017), and"Fifty Shades Freed"(2018).

6. The"Human Centipede"trilogy . . . released in 2010, 2011, and 2015.

7. "The Last Airbender"(2010)

8. "Movie 43"(2013)

9. "This Means War"(2012)

10. "Valentine's Day"(2010)

(They also note that there were a TON of movies that could've made it, including "horrific sequels, remakes and reboots," and "nearly anything starring Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, Martin Lawrence, and Steven Seagal.")

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