Food: The Top 10 Trendy Foods of 2020 Including Squid Ink, Collagen & More

50-Cent Corn Dogs At Sonic On December 4, 2019

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The Top 10 Trendy Foods of 2020 . . . Including Squid Ink, Collagen, and Bone Broth

Ready to find out you're NOT the trendy eater you think you are just because you ate a salad with quinoa three times in the past two years?

Uber Eats just released its predictions for the 10 trendy foods of 2020 based on people's ordering trends. And they are . . . um . . . well . . .

1. Star fruit.

2. Squid ink.

3. Collagen.

4. Reishi, which is an Asian mushroom.

5. Keto diet foods.

6. Brussels sprouts. Hey! How did these make the list?

7. Farro, which is a whole grain.

8. Harissa, which is a chili pepper paste used in North African cooking.

9. Pho, which is a Vietnamese soup.

10. Bone broth. 

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It's National Cookie Day, and a bunch of places have deals

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Here's Cookie Monster singing a parody of Limp Bizkit's "Nookie," called "I Did It All for the Cookie."

You'll Spend More Than $28,000 on Snacks in Your Life

A new survey looked at how much the average person would save if they NEVER bought snacks. And over the course of your life, it adds up to almost 30 GRAND.

Researchers found the average American spends $9.22 a week on snacks, which seems like a pretty conservative estimate to us.

That adds up to $479.44 a year . . . or $28,766 over the course of your entire adult life.

The survey also looked at our snacking preferences, and found sweet snacks are slightly more popular than salty. 37% of people said they prefer sweet stuff, compared to 34% who said salty. Apparently the other 29% were split.

The survey also asked people about weird food PAIRINGS they'd like to try. And the #1 vote-getter was French fries with mayo . . . 48% would try it. (Wow, real risky, America. You can pretty much try that at ANY fast food place.)

The top strange food pairings we'd like to try also include steak with ketchup, 36% . . . cheddar cheese on apple pie, 21% . . . tuna salad with hot sauce, 15% . . . and chocolate on pizza, 14%. 

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Here's the scene from "Half Baked" when they decide to grab some munchies

Taco Bell’s Holiday Collection Includes Hot Sauce Packet Onesies

Taco Bell is ready to celebrate the season with its new holiday collection of gifts and apparel. The fast food-themed goodies include everything from stocking stuffers to lawn ornaments - we’re talking about a six-foot Fire Sauce Packet Inflatable decoration.

As for clothing, there’s a two-piece PJ set, hoodies, sweatshirts, and a sauce packet onesie that’s sure to sell out fast - last year they were gone in one day. But if you miss out on that, you can probably still nab one of the “Joy Full of Tacos” T-shirts.

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There's a World War 2 veteran in Pennsylvania named Andrew Slavonic who just turned 102 years old. And he says the secret to his longevity is drinking at least one Coors Light a day. 

He recently did an interview with Fox News and bragged that he sometimes has three a day. But his first beer at 4:00 PM is always the most important

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From: Carlos A

New McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich

Brother Rod! Heard y’all talking about this new sandwich and turns out one of the stores is right by my house. I decided to give it a try and I can honestly say the chicken wars is still between Popeyes and Chick Fil A. It was seasoned ok but it’s nothing to ride home about. Chick Fil A is still the GOAT in my book with Popeyes being a close second.

Oh also the Chris Isaak game is definitely one of the best games y’all do, I would love to see it on the weekly lineup. From J.C.

Brother Rod, yesterday on my way to the bar I decided to get something to eat so I stopped at the McDonald’s by my house (Texas City). I saw that they had that chicken sandwich y’all mentioned on the show so I couldn’t help but get it and here’s my review. IT SUCKS!!! It’s bland and tasteless. I once ate a dog biscuit while I was drunk and it tasted better lol. Don’t waste your time and money getting it. Believe me nobody will be getting their ass kicked for this sandwich. Much love, 4hr listener Edgar🍻. 

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