3 Things You Must See:Tearful Reunion as Dog Trapped Underground Is Rescued

Tearful Reunion as Dog Trapped Underground Is Rescued

 (HANKIE ALERT!) You might think you'll hold it together...because you know what's coming. You won't. He truly is this man's best friend.

A Collection of Black Friday Shopper Chaos

If you haven't seen enough Black Friday shopper insanity yet, then here's a collection of clips for you.

The "highlights" include a scrum of women fighting, people crawling over each other at a store's entrance . . . and someone on the second floor of a mall losing their wig, and the shoppers below trying to throw it back up to them.

(Warning: This is loaded with profanities. The "scrum" isat 0:38, the people crawling starts at 4:26 . . . and the wig is at 5:01. It was posted November 29th on the Mitchell Wiggs YouTube page.)

(Here are two more Black Friday collections, with some repeats. Again, there are profanities. This one's fromFox News, and this is fromCNet.com.)

A Woman Face-Plants Into a Pile of Manure

This happened in England. A mom wanted to help with the clean-up after her daughter's pony ride, so she tried to push a wheelbarrow full of horse manure to the top of a small dung pile. 

But on the way up she lost her footing and went face first into the wheelbarrow's manure. And THEN the wheelbarrow tipped over and emptied more manure on top of her. The woman filming it had a good laugh but didn't offer much help.

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"View A Thunderstorm...From Above "

Here's what thunderstorms look like in the sky. Beautiful...and terrifying.You can even see the flash of the lightning in the storm cloud.