Food: Stuffing Butter. You’re Welcome, America.

Stuffing Butter. You’re Welcome, America.

Every Day Is Thanksgiving When You Have Stuffing Butter

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The Most-Hated Thanksgiving Dish Is …

Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner dishes, but it turns out, most people agree on which traditional Turkey Day food they like the least. According to a recently published map by The Daring Kitchen, “The Most Hated Thanksgiving Food Across the U.S.,” is … cranberry sauce.

The map is based on geotagged Twitter data that used phrases and hashtags about hating specific dishes. More than 50,000 “hate tweets” posted since November 1st were tracked and broken down by state, so now we know all about which are the least popular Thanksgiving dishes in each state.

The tweets also reveal:

·A total of 17 states hate cranberry sauce the most, including New York, California, Florida, and Texas. The second most-hated dish? Green bean casserole.

·Stuffing lands in third place, followed by sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

·While a majority of Americans love turkey (75%), in three states (Maine, Oregon, and Idaho) turkey - the iconic star of Thanksgiving dinner - comes in last.

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A vegan is suing Burger King over its Impossible Whopper, since it's cooked on the same grill as beef Whoppers.

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Yogurt sales are getting worse and worse in the U.S. They peaked at $9 billion in 2015 . . . and they're expected to be down to $7.4 billion by 2024. 

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Chick-fil-A is no longer going to be giving donations to organizations that have come out against gay marriage or other LGBTQ issues.

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Pringles Friendsgiving Turducken Feast

When these went live online, I was able to order one of the kellogg's turducken feasts. It took me 20 to 30 minutes because it would sit and process between each step. Today my order arrived. Very underwhelmed. I thought each flavor would come on its own little tube. They came in a tray and not that many. Looks like maybe 8 to 10 of each flavor. Possibly less. Hope they taste good (eating next week) and end up being worth the price for an interesting experience.


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